Who can join LHB T/C?

Anyone that understands and appreciates the sacrifices of our Long Haul Truckers.

What is LHB T/C?

Long Haul Banditz Trucker Club is a community of truckers, their families, and their friends, WORLDWIDE! LHB T/C is dedicated to bringing respect and the old school attitude back to the trucking industry.


We are currently in 100+ countries.


We are fed up with these so called "trucking schools" that pump out nothing but uneducated, dimwit drivers. If these schools gave two shits about the industry, I wouldn't be leading this massive LHB T/C movement. Four years ago I was one of those dimwit drivers. Luckily Old Schoolers took me in and taught me a few right way's of getting things done safely.

When can I become a LHB T/C member?

  • Whenever you'd like!
  • No pressure!

How can I get involved?